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Discreet Private Detective Agency with Over 14 Years of Discreet & Confidential Expertise in All Intelligence Matters

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Our Private Investigator Services

We have designed our private detective agency website to direct our clients to our four main areas of service; our private clients, business clients, legal clients and technical services. Here you will find all the associated services we offer.
Whether you’re looking for a private detective agency in your local area, or a global team offering investigation services, get in touch today. Our experienced detective agency offers a full range of essential services, including tracking and tracing, process serving and covert surveillance. Whether you need us to gather evidence for legal documents, track private individuals or carry out more technical investigation services, our private detective agency is here for you. Carefully go through our list of PI services and you shall definitely need one of our services.

Matrimonial Investigations

Are you suspicious of your partner’s action? Have they given you cause to feel worried about your relationship? Do you suspect your spouse is cheating? The fact that you are looking into matrimonial investigation services means your suspicions have already been aroused. 

Covert Surveillance

All our covert surveillance agents are trained to be highly conscientious, incredibly patient and fast thinking.
For over 12 years, we have employed a variety of female and male operatives, young and old, who are competent in all sorts of situations and are dressed appropriately and, crucially, are well-equipped for every eventuality.


Background checks in the US have become increasingly popular over recent years. This is because more and more companies and individuals have realized how valuable the insights that come from these checks are. Whether these checks are completed for personal or business reasons, they can lead to people making smarter and better-informed decisions.  

Missing Person Enquiries

People go missing for a variety of reasons, and although there may not be sinister reasons behind the disappearance, it can still be distressing and problematic.
Contacting the police for missing person enquiries is not always practical, and that’s where Discreet PI Investigations can help.

Our Process


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Legal Research


Let our team of experienced Private investigators handle your issues


Highly qualified Discreet Private Investigators in the US with Over 14 years of experience. Discreet PI US is a USA based private detective agency and private investigators providing all clients, both private and corporate, with the utmost commitment. We offer a high level of service, always delivered in an efficient and professional way. As a leading detective agency, we have an impressive bilingual team with many years combined investigative experience and over 14 years of operation. Discreet PI Investigations has earned an enviable reputation for being a highly proficient, diligent, and scrupulous private detective agency in the US 

Professional, Highly Discreet & Friendly Private Detectives

Based in Los Angeles, our detective agency caters for clients in California and several nearby states and can meet face-to-face or liaise online. If your matter is of a private nature, please be reassured that our friendly and proficient team will be here to help. Whether you’re looking for a male or female private detective to help get to the truth, our private detective agency is here to help. Our main offices also value our business to business relationships and we have a very high retention and satisfaction rate. Our team are sensitive towards the needs of our extremely valued clients and rest assured our staff are available to provide advice on any and all situations

Our assurances, reputation & accreditations

As one of the most successful agency in private investigation services, Discreet PI US' team of highly skilled private detectives are trained to carry out services to suit the needs of you, the client, bringing the situation to a rapid conclusion and giving you the answers you need. The private investigations industry in the US is one where Discreet PI are an advocate of encouraging licensing within the industry. Currently, we have taken on self-regulation by being upstanding members of the the private security world where our main investigators undergo a financial and criminal check and the company proud to be working within the bound of the law. We can of course take dark cases which are completely discreet from the law.

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“I can’t thank you guys enough. Despite my condition and the kids I had for him, he still treated me like trash. Thanks to your services, i was able to uncover all his dirty secrets which helped in my divorce case. This helped me get what I deserved for kids and I.”
“Thanks to your brilliant work, my father was successfully found and brought home safely. we feared something bad had happened given his health condition.”
“You have helped me uncover hidden assets ​​that my husband has been hiding from me for over 6 years. Can’t believe he hid so much from me all this while.”
“I am really excited  about how you helped with my blackmail situation.  It meant the world to me”
“My God I couldn’t believe he was cheating on me with my bestfriend. Thanks for saving me from that pig.”
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