About Us

Qualified Investigators

Let the most trusted and highly qualified investigators handle your cases.

Over 12 Years Of Experience

We have been in business since 2010 and have recorded many success stories during this time.

Who We Are

We’re Well-Respected In The Industry For Our Expertise In Solving Cases That Other Agencies Just Don’t Have The Resources For. We Consistently Deliver On Our Promises Where Others Fail As They Do Not Have The Breadth Of Professional Agents That We Do.
Our Name, Discreet PI, Indicates That We Work Anonymously And In Most Cases Clients Have Their Cases Resolved Without Even Having To Meet Us In Person. Over The Years We’ve Built An Impressively Solid Reputation In The Industry, In Every Single City Or Community We Operate In, In East, West, South And North USA.
Our Overseas Success Rates Easily Match Our Successes In USA And We Pride Ourselves On Having Developed Extremely Professional, Friendly Relationships With Other Agents In Numerous Cities Around The World.
As One Of The Leaders In Our Field, We Know How Important It Is To Maintain A Good Reputation, Which Is Why We Are Committed To Maintaining It In Every Case.
All Of The Work We Undertake Is Governed By Our Own Strict Code Of Ethics, Principles And Morals And We Believe Our Success Rate Continues To Grow Directly Because Of This. We Take Absolute Pride In Our Ethical Tracing And Investigative Methodology, Which Keeps Us Compliant With All Provisions Of The Data Protection Act. SEE SOME SERVICES

Our Reputation

Choosing The Right Investigative Agency Is Of Paramount Importance As Unfortunately There Are Many Rogue Agents Out There Who Will Promise You Earth But Won’t Deliver. What Distinguishes Discreet PI From Others – We Care! Our Agents Are Not Just Investigators, But Profilers With Many Years Of Experience. Most Have Served In Government Security Agencies, Allowing Them To Read Between The Lines And Produce Fully Coherent Reports. We’re Always Willing To Go The Extra Miles if need be. Since We Work Anonymously, We Can Go As Far As Our Clients Wish. So No Matter What You Need, Don’t Be Shy Or Afraid To Speak Your Mind. Just Say It And It Will Happen. Note That We Work Anonymously With Several Clients, As Our Contacts With Them Begin And End Online. In This Case, There Is No Need To Worry About Being Connected To Us.

Our Security

We’re Proud Of Our Commitment To Maintaining The Incredibly High Level Of Security That We’ve Put In Place From The Start. We Are Currently Implementing Egress Email Encryption Software, Industry Certified Secure Email Software That Provides Complete Control Over Shared Information.
All Documents Are Stored Securely Behind Key-Coded Entrance Doors In Lockable Filing Systems And Professionally Disposed Of After The Specified GDPR Dates Have Expired, Provided The Documents Are No Longer Required.
Our Field Agents Are Highly Trained In The Use Of Technology, Modern Weaponry, And Hand-To-Hand Combat, Although They Will Not Use Any Of These Unless It Is The Last Option. VIEW SOME SERVICES

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