Cyber Investigations

What We Can Do to Help

Cyber investigations can take many forms and we are experts in understanding what services are best suited to your problem. Criminals and the technical infrastructure they use are often based overseas, making international collaboration essential. We are one of the few investigative companies with the global reach.

We work closely with other agencies, UK Police and law enforcement partners abroad to share intelligence and coordinate any necessary action. Our investigators can help if you, a family member, or a friend are being targeted online by cyberbullies or extortionists. While Police may not be able to dedicate significant resources until a ‘crime’ has occurred, our team can help to investigate the harasser with the aim to gather information about their identity and location. We can help you put a stop to this despicable behaviour.

If someone is pretending to be you online, our cyber investigations can help get your identity back in your hands.

If you suspect you have been a victim of identity theft or if you wish to take steps to prevent identity theft, we believe it is essential to act quickly.

Our specialist team will investigate how your information was potentially stolen, how it has been used and also provide critical information to cease any further fraudulent activity.

If someone has used a false identity or company to scam you, we can help. Our investigators will assess the legitimacy of your information and after undertaking time-based checks, will use hi-tech equipment and software and in-depth searches to attempt to uncover the scammer and their location.

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