Hidden Assets Investigation

With more than 8000 working affiliates and an incalculable number of confidential sources we can get the deepest entry required to build a comprehensive investigation. Our reports are ready to deliver for purposes of divorce, child support and spousal maintenance, business due diligence, fraud investigations, and matters involved in litigation.

Please see our case study: Hidden Assets in a Divorce Investigation

A hidden assets investigation can really assist in both sides of a child support dispute or spousal maintenance. Often, someone who is ordered by the court to provide financial resources may try to claim fewer assets in order to lower the payments. Conversely it is also possible for someone to claim no assets or other form of income in order to collect payments from a former spouse, when in fact they do.

We can do a full service investigation into hidden assets and produce a comprehensive report and expert witnesses to provide the necessary proof that you need in your case.

Items to which you can expect to have access:

  • Hidden Corporations and LLC
  • Shifted Assets into Relatives’, Friends’, and Partners’ Holding
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Offshore and Foreign Financial Bank Accounts
  • Mortgages and Similar Financial Instruments
  • Overpayments to Creditors
  • Hidden Funds in Life Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Stockbroker Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Dissolved or Inactive Corporations
  • Tangible Property
  • Cars and Commercial Vehicles
  • Yachts
  • Aircraft
  • Jewelry
  • Savings Bonds
  • Due Diligence
  • Travelers and Cashier’s Checks
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
  • Security Consulting
  • Surveillance
  • Photos of Unknown Subjects
  • Identity Verification
  • Public Records
  • USA Patriot Act Ready
  • Covert Background Investigations
  • Covert and Undercover Assignments
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