Matrimonial Investigations

In order to provide our clients with excellence throughout our matrimonial investigations, we guarantee you: 
  • Discretion: the investigation and communications will be solely between You and Us.
  • Honesty: we will provide you with the answers that you need.
  • Determination: we will locate and monitor the suspect until we have fulfilled your request.
  • Value for money: we provide an expert service, and do not cut corners on our investigations.
How Can Our Marriage Detectives Help?

Be they pre-marital or post-marital, we have extensive experience in the matrimonial investigations sector, and through working with hundreds of individuals, we understand that no two cases are ever the same.

We make sure to take the appropriate amount of time necessary to get the information we need from you, in order for us to get you the results you need in the quickest time possible and as cost-friendly as possible.

How we begin our investigations is never a standard procedure; each case is as unique as you are. We ask that discretion is kept paramount throughout the entirety of the investigation, and that the suspect in question remains oblivious to the fact they’re being observed. This is our number one priority with all our clients, because if we are ‘known’ to the suspect, then the results we get for you will be worthless.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Private Investigator for a Cheating Spouse?

In-house rates for matrimonial investigation services start from £40 per hour, per person and matrimonial surveillance rates start from £65 per agent, per hour. 

As is standard with Global Investigations, we have set rates that apply to all our clients. We maintain a transparent relationship with our clients at all times throughout the investigation, and we make sure to never undertake a task that has not been requested, authorised or budgeted for.

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