Matrimonial Investigations

Are you suspicious of your partner’s action? Have they given you cause to feel worried about your relationship? Do you suspect your spouse is cheating? The fact that you are looking into matrimonial investigation services means your suspicions have already been aroused. 

Covert Surveillance

All our covert surveillance agents are trained to be highly conscientious, incredibly patient and fast thinking.
For over 20 years, we have employed a variety of female and male operatives, young and old, who are competent in all sorts of situations and are dressed appropriately and, crucially, are well-equipped for every eventuality.


Background checks in the US have become increasingly popular over recent years. This is because more and more companies and individuals have realized how valuable the insights that come from these checks are. Whether these checks are completed for personal or business reasons, they can lead to people making smarter and better-informed decisions. They also help to ensure security, whether you are working in government, business, education or doing a check for personal reasons in the US.


In the US, the law stands that you are unable to check a criminal record without permission and that of course is more accustomed to a vetting check or job application where the subject has the benefit of supplying permission.
Therefore, although we cannot do an official criminal record check, we can undertake enquiries into why a person has been to Court. If the Stenographer has recorded the events, what happened and when it exactly was this can be of great value to the client in making assessments of an individuals’ previous character.

Online Fraud Investigations

Online fraudsters and cybercriminals use dishonest techniques to make money illegally while causing a loss to another party. Online fraud occurs where the fraudster makes a false representation on the internet.
The internet has provided fraudsters with a sea of opportunities to defraud people.
Unfortunately, a lot of the safety and preventative measures don’t prevent the most adept criminals from committing fraud.

Missing Person Enquiries

People go missing for a variety of reasons, and although there may not be sinister reasons behind the disappearance, it can still be distressing and problematic.
Contacting the police for missing person enquiries is not always practical, and that’s where Discreet PI Investigations can help.
We are a private eye investigation agency who can help you find a missing person or find information on people in a swift, delicate, and discreet manner. 


Process serving is the process by which legal documents, giving notice of specific court action, are delivered to the person involved, such as a defendant. Process serving occurs in order to give the person involved fair amount of time to respond to the notice before the court case, tribunal or any other proceeding takes place.


We are finely tuned experts in tracing people, assets and information around the clock  24 hrs a day
Whether you want to trace a person, trace an asset or need employment tracing we operate successfully internationally every day
Tracing people, assets and information is our core business. Our highly qualified and experienced team use the best tracing techniques to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Bug Sweeping And TSCM Services

With technology developing at speed and various audio/visual bugs being more readily available, people need reassurance that their private conversations are in fact private. The only way to confirm or deny such suspicions is by utilising out highly sophisticated equipment and expertise that allows us to do bug sweeping.

Cohabitation Surveillance

There are several reasons why you would need to undertake professional cohabitation surveillance. Whether it be divorce proceedings, child maintenance, or simply for your peace of mind, we can help. At Discreet PI Investigations, we often deal with ex-spouses who have matrimonial maintenance agreements in place. Payment of this can be conditional on the recipient not living with someone else as a cohabiting couple.

Occupancy and Residency Confirmation

At Discreet PI Investigations we help our tenancy and landlord clients to ascertain residency at an address to confirm who is residing at the property.
This can be done in a covert or overt manner.
Most Common Reasons for Occupancy and Residency Checks. Our clients usually undertake occupancy and residency investigations for the identification or litigation purposes.

Online Blackmail

Discreet PI Investigations specialize in online blackmail and harassment investigations. There has been a significant increase in cyber-harassment and bullying in the US over the last few years.
Online harassment can be abusive, violent, threatening, racist, or explicit online content – this can range from identity theft to racial abuse, blackmail, and bullying.

Cyber Investigations

 We are cyber security and cybercrime investigations experts.
We understand the technical challenge behind such investigations and aim to follow all digital footprints to provide our clients with the evidence they require.  We have undertaken cybercrime investigations for law firms, businesses, financial institutions and private individuals in the U.S.

Credit Checks

If part of your business operates by providing companies with credit accounts, it is absolutely essential you are in a position to access their historical financial data. Company credit checks are a vital step of the process before agreeing to provide any company with credit on their account.
Full company credit checks will provide you with all of the necessary information required to make prudent financial decisions, such as setting a credit limit, if you decide to set one at all.

Landlord & Freehold Tracing

If you have this problem, you’ll need a landlord & freehold tracing service.
Remember, you have rights and your tenants should never leave a property without:
a) Giving notice
b) Paying for any damage they have caused
c) Leaving a forwarding address.
If your tenant has left your property without giving you the money they owe or paying for any damage they have done, you have the right to trace them.

Nanny Checks

Nanny Checks, it is absolutely vital to make sure you do a full nanny background check before ever hiring or using a nanny to look after your child/ children. There are a huge number of nanny agencies out there, all of which want you to choose them and hire one of their nannies.
However, many of these agencies will not have completed a full background check on all of their nannies. You therefore need to make sure you obtain proof from the agency before hiring anyone. Alternatively, you can organize your own nanny check.

Pre-Marriage Background Checks

Are you suspicious of the person you’re about to marry?
Do you need to know more about their background before getting married? Or maybe you want to know more about someone who is about to marry into your family?
Unfortunately, a lot of people will only uncover critical information about their spouse after they’ve already tied the knot. Whether it’s financial troubles, infidelity or past criminal convictions, you have a right to know before the marriage goes ahead.

Parent Searching

Parent searching is never easy with people going missing for a variety of different reasons; reasons which are not always sinister, despite our worst fears. Indeed, a lot of the time, people just come to the decision they’ve had enough and want to start again somewhere else, where nobody knows them.
However, for the people left behind, the reasons for the disappearance do not matter. Not knowing where someone has gone is always distressing and can be extremely problematic too. Sometimes contacting the police, concerning a missing person, is simply not an option, and that is where we come in.

Mobile Forensic Checks

We have a dedicated team of Mobile and PC forensic evaluators who can assist with both personal and company enquiries, often employed for cases such as matrimonial investigations, deception and fraud. Out team will aim to uncover things that have possibly been deleted – items such as SMS texts, GPS data, retrieval of imagery, hidden video or audio files. We can also investigate call history and logs, assess hidden contacts or hidden apps and can even decipher coded messages. Our searches are all undertaken legally and in a manner where the information can be used in a Court of law.

Dating fraud

Online dating has exploded in recent years, going from a fringe phenomenon to a popular and almost mainstream way to meet partners. Thousands of dating sites now exist online, and many people now use these sites as a welcome alternative to meeting someone in a bar or club.
This online dating phenomenon has literally taken the world by storm and has changed many people’s lives for the better, allowing them to meet like for like individuals who are after the same thing. However, most positive things come with a negative, and online dating is no different.

Vehicle Tracking

To home in on the activities of a person, Discreet PI Investigations can use our highly skilled vehicle tracking services. This allows you to know exactly where that person has been visiting and for how long. Their exact movements will be detailed and surveyed by either yourself or by trained experts in the field tracing.
The opportunity to discover what your person has been doing can inspire you to act now. Your fears of what the truth may be should not hold you back.

Tracking Services

Our tracking teams will, in next to no time at all, report, locate & reveal your subjects location and intentions.
Our virtually undetectable black boxes can give you a constant log of where and when a vehicle has been and stores them for your perusal, this information is then accessed securely online by you only and our field teams are placed on standby for any further needs.
We undertake both vehicle and people tracking services for our clients up and down the US.

Fraud Investigation Services

Our fraud investigations can reveal hidden agendas and help you locate a offender or come to terms with a situation.
Our experienced operatives will investigate and report to our clients on many issues and our legal team are highly competent on our legal issues such as process serving, witness statements, copyright infringements, and employment absenteeism.

Tracing Overseas

When people leave the U.S, whether those reasons are based on debt or due to personal or professional circumstances, it can be difficult for those who remain to track them down.
Tracing overseas requires a lot of professional expertise and specialist knowledge thanks to a large number of things to take on board throughout the investigation.
If tracing overseas is not done correctly, from the very start, you may have to give up hope of ever being able to track down the person you’re trying to find. This is why it is absolutely essential to make sure you choose the right private investigation agency.

Abandoned Property Investigation

Many times our clients are faced with the diligence efforts to find claimants that have property that is unclaimed. Within the context of these efforts our clients seek the assistance of our investigators to re-establish relations with their clients or to put the monies back in there hands, thereby avoiding complex legal processes. Before you consider legal action, consider the value Discreet PI can provide.

Birth Parent Locate Investigation

Birth Parent Locate Investigation: Making the choice to search out your birth parents can be a life changing decision. Discreet PI is passionately dedicated to making this search as quick and easy as possible. Allow us to do the work to find not only your parents, but as much detail as you want about them, for you. We have been locating and reuniting adopted children with their birth parents for over 13 years.

Divorce Investigation

Divorce Investigation: When you’re faced with divorce leave nothing to chance– they are complicated, sensitive, and sometimes dangerous depending on the nature of your divorce investigation. Discreet PI private investigators can help with a thorough and discrete investigation.

Hidden Assets Investigation

Hidden Assets Investigation: Assets can include property, vehicles, boats, aircraft, businesses, banks, etc. Inquiries are conducted to discover the current assets a subject may have. A subject may be hiding assets domestically or abroad. We search extensively to discover where a subject may be hiding assets worldwide. Discreet PI will find what they are hiding and what you’re looking for.

Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual Harassment Claims: Sexual harassment can make your life miserable, whether you are the one being harassed or whether you have been falsely accused of sexual harassment. Either way, the feeling is one of degradation and humiliation. And, because of the nature of sexual harassment, it can be as hard to report harassment as it is hard to defend yourself from false allegations. We at Discreet PI can help you.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very serious matter, and many people will go to great lengths to hide the evidence of domestic violence. For some reasons, many people are just too scared or ashamed of opening up about the constant domestic violence they go through on daily bases. If you thinj there’s no you can trust to confine in them, Discreet PI is here for you. We shall treat your case anonymously and discreetly so that the target will never know they are being investigated. All the proofs you need will be handed to you to prosecute them however you chose. 


 No matter the situation you or your loved ones find yourselves into, there is always hope. Sharing with us the first step to finding a solution. Don’t be shy, we’ve got your back. Just take the bold step and explain your case with us and we guarantee you a positive result.
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