How we can help with process serving?

We are one of the most trusted resources on the web for locating and using local process servers. We have representatives in every major town across the UK and also have the full capability to serve overseas, having regularly served Europe, America and Asia. This means we are able to meet the increasing demand of our clients who are requesting our Process Serving services after such things as having a trace completed.

We are able to arrange collection of your documents, if collection is needed, and aim to carry out service within 72 hours of receiving them. All of the agents used by us to process serve are under contract, pre-screened and fully qualified, so you can be confident they can be trusted to serve your documents. They will also attempt service on 3 occasions at any given address.

Once your documents have been served, we will prepare the necessary Affidavit, Certificate or Statement of Service in-house. These will be sworn accordingly and delivered to you immediately.

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