Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual Harassment occurs when someone is asked for sexual favors or experiences unwanted sexual advances, is the subject of inappropriate sexual comments and jokes, or involved in any other unwanted sexual activity at the workplace.

Sexual Harassment is often committed by superiors at the workplace who will use their position of power to get away with inappropriate behavior. It can be degrading and humiliating, and sometimes the feeling of embarrassment prevents victims from reporting it. Whether you are a victim of harassment, or you are falsely accused of sexual harassment, a thorough investigation may be necessary. Claims may involve discrimination at the workplace as well. At ICS, we can help with surveillance, covert and undercover investigations, public records searches, stings, and other specialized techniques with our expert investigators.

Sexual Harassment Investigation Information:

  • What is sexual harassment?
    • Inappropriate and unwanted sexual comments and behavior at the workplace
    • Different treatment at work because of your gender, such as being looked over for promotions despite being highly qualified
    • Behavior that strongly implies that you will only be treated fairly if you allow harassment to occur, or comply with sexual advances
  • Who might be in need of an investigation?
    • Victims of sexual harassment at the workplace who wish to press charges
    • People falsely accused of sexual harassment who wish to have their name cleared
    • Victims of sexual discrimination at the workplace who may have been overlooked for assignments or promotions as a result of their gender
    • Attorneys representing someone involved in a sexual harassment claim
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