Cohabitation Surveillance

Why Do You Need Cohabitation Surveillance?

Cohabitation is when two people live together as a couple without being married.

A proof of cohabitation is commonly used in matrimonial disputes to prove a breach of contract.

Most divorce settlements have certain caveats attached to them. For maintenance payments, this could include what is known as a Minutes of Consent Order. That means, for example, you agree to pay maintenance until your ex-spouse remarries or starts to cohabit with another person.

While you may think that they are honest with you about their living situation, there is always the possibility that they are secretly cohabiting with someone else – which means legally you do not have to support them any longer.

If you suspect that your ex-partner lives with someone else and you need evidence of their cohabitation, contact us today for a confidential chat.

Our aim is to find out the truth about what situation your ex-partner now finds themselves in.

How to Prove Cohabitation?

In the UK, compiling evidence or proof of cohabitation can be difficult. To truly prove cohabitation, it requires a certain amount of professional surveillance to gather real evidence that can be used in Court. Taking the decision to employ a professional to undertake this kind of investigative work and gain evidence of a change in their circumstance, can result in you no longer having to pay maintenance according to your divorce settlement.

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